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About eParkGuide

eParkGuide's mission is to serve the community through providing easy access to data, facts and interesting information about National Parks, National Monuments, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service lands and world heritage sites around the world and improving the quality of a visitor's experience. eParkGuide's services coupled with the visitor's enhanced experience provides a means to manage, educate, and foster interest in parks and public lands for all age groups.

eParkGuide provides real time location-based information about park and park related services worldwide, enabling park communities and content providers to use state-of-the-art mobile platform technologies (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) to improve one's visit and awareness to parks and/or services worldwide in much the same way Google Maps is used, today.

By delivering specific National Park, National Monument and Public Land information, eParkGuide provides visitors the opportunity to experience their park visit in ways that until now were unavailable. eParkGuide is a powerful source of information that brings awareness to parklands and thereby aiding to park preservation efforts.

The eParkGuide experience can be used as a means to sensibly make park information available for the enjoyment of all as well as a tool to help manage and preserve the irreplaceable majesty of National Parks, National Monuments, and public lands around the world.